Partnership with Web Shield Limited

BigFile is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Web Shield Limited to further the advancement in opposition to illegal content usage.

Web Shield Limited is one of the leaders in monitoring procedures of acquiring banks, internet payment service providers (IPSP and PF) and affiliate networks. This unique partnership has enabled us to use a CFD Service (Compromised File Detection Service) solution, a refined web crawling service that detects links to illegal and otherwise brand damaging content.

About Web Shield Limited:

  • Web Shield Limited is committed to detecting illegal materials, due diligence, risk checks and monitoring of web-sites’ content and its “environment”.
  • Working across all platforms, including mobile applications and smart devices, Web Shield Limited is ahead of the curve, providing security to major global brands worldwide.
  • Web Shield Limited has a wide range of clients including merchant acquires, internet payment service providers and a plethora of affiliate networks worldwide.

    To learn more about Web Shield Limited, please see their official web-site: